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Home Service Direct Runs a Successful Marketing Campaign for Tree Service Volusia

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Tree Services

We approached Home Service Direct about a month ago and requested the marketing agency to help us with online marketing. The company had been struggling with getting clients for some time—every method of advertising we had tried did not seem to bear any significant fruits.

When we connected with Home Service Direct, the head of the marketing agency invited our CEO for a chat. The goal of the chat was to help the agency better understand our goals.

Just four weeks into working with Home Service Direct, Tree Service Volusia has enjoyed numerous benefits, including:

Home Service Direct Designed and Built a Custom Website

Previously, Tree Service Volusia was heavily relying on traditional methods of marketing. When Home Service Direct took over our marketing, the team showed us that online marketing was the best method of bringing in customers effortlessly.

The company built a custom website that was designed to offer maximum conversion. The website is easy to use and allows customers to order tree services quickly and easily.

Our Search Engine Ranking Has Improved

Before working with Home Service Direct, our company was not visible on search engines. Even if potential clients used keywords that were directly related to the services we offer, the old website was outranked by competitors.

Working with Home Service Direct changed this. The new website now is visible on the search engine results page when homeowners are looking for the services we offer.

We Are Taking Advantage of Local SEO

Home Service Direct introduced Local SEO when our CEO met the Home Service Direct lead officer. While our CEO thought that local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was not important since we were already working on improving the ranking of our website, the marketing agency convinced him otherwise.

After tracking where most of our tree service requests are coming from, it became clear that Local SEO has been bringing many new clients in the past 30 days. Our Google My Business page is ranking high on the search engine results page, and we have been getting paid for it by new customers.

Pay Per Click Ads Are Generating Higher Conversions

In the past, we were using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads without knowing how to manage this marketing method to get maximum results. Since joining hands with Home Service Direct, the company has helped us generate maximum results with Google Ads.

Home Service Direct streamlined everything—from the copy that appears on the Google results pages to the landing page where leads get redirected to. The result is a high conversion rate for every single dollar we spend on advertising.

Retargeting Ads Are on Point

Home Service Direct did not just work on the PPC ads. The company also tracked all the people who visited our website. According to the Home Service Direct lead marketing team, anyone who visited our website showed some form of interest in the services we offer.

Home Service Direct used retargeting ads to remind these people of Tree Service Volusia on the other websites they usually explore. This trick has convinced the visitors to come back and order tree maintenance services.

In the one month we have worked with Home Service Direct, the results have been amazing. Our client base has grown 300% compared to when we handled marketing alone.

If you are interested in knowing how to get more tree service businesses or achieve maximum results with your tree care company local advertising campaigns, you can talk to Home Service Direct at [email protected] and (833) 827-4425. If you are a homeowner and you would like to improve your trees, visit our website—Treeservicevolusia.com—to see all the services we offer.

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